Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore?

Have you ever stepped into a store and felt like you have stepped into a different world? Or perhaps a different time?Well....if you hunt for junk junque like me, this happens often.

We were passing through Nanton- Alberta, and I noticed a sign...."Antique Lane". Hmmm, I know the rest of my family does not feel like stopping. So as we pass, I stare out the window with my puppy dog eyes. I feel a tiny tear swell in the corner of my eye. "Next time.", I promise myself. Just then, my husband pulls a right and circles the block, "Just a quick stop.". The kids are still undoing their seat belts, while Mom starts dashing across the street.


I wish I would have taken a picture of the main floor. If you live in Alberta, you must take a drive down to Nanton! The quality and quantity, by far surpassed any store I have been in. I loved the old world charm from the building, which was built in 1909. I took this picture from upstairs....PRICELESS.

I felt like I was no longer anywhere, but frozen in my steps. The beauty of this building, had my mouth slack. Then snap, I'm back, pleading with my girls to keep their hands to their sides. The upstairs had been renovated into apartments at some point. The owner had filled each room to the roof with unique pieces. Each room felt like it carried its own story, with different items. My favorite area was this...

There are actually 3 or 4 rooms, full of girly necessities. I think I died, and landed in heaven.

In the end I bought nothing. We were on our way home in my Jetta, 4 people, ski stuff and bags. I knew going in, I had no room. {I promised myself, "I will be back"}

This is not my usual style, just working on a few items. New pictures posted by the weekend!

Take Care. Check out Sentimental Journey Antiques.


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