Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vintage Florence Mirror

Hello Florence.
This is the second color I picked up from my good ol friend Annie {hehe}. I am lovin her paint right now. Let me list the ways I love thou...

1. You don't require prep= time saved=more time for the fam
2. Your colors and fab!
3. Did I mention I don't have to prep?
4. A little goes a long way (because you don't have to put a pile of layers on)
5. Because you are you!

Now, back to the mirror... I bought this piece with a dresser, but wasn't feeling the contour. It has been sitting in my front room (which has caused me to crop many pictures), for too long. Now, imagine living next to me...Every time you walk into your front door and look into my front window, you see a furniture store! Haha. Really? Yes! I made it my goal to start evacuating that room (I'm sure the Fire Marshall would not pass this fire escape), and start painting.

I love the country style detail in the curves at the top.
Check out the close up on the applique.
And this is the before, I almost forgot to take.

Remember this style? Perhaps you had one of these when you were young or just married? Not me...but I would take the new one in a heart beat.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

White Hutch...well half a hutch!

What a weekend. My youngest has been sick since Thursday, which makes everything a little harder here. The good news she is eating, the bad news is: the fever and rash just won't "GET LOST"!
Alright, I caved and picked up 2 cans of Annie Sloan Paint.{Insert Sigh} I wanted to paint a hutch, and see how far a can would go.
Let me be the millionth to say "This stuff is all it is cracked up to be". I mean it. I put 2 coats on, and the coverage was fantastic. I wasn't happy with the consistency of the paint, so I added a tablespoon of water to 1/2 cup of paint....Perfecto.
I decided to distress before waxing. Everyone is right, it creates a LOT of dust. Luckily I have central vac, and I sucked up all that dust in a cinch.

I love white, which you wouldn't be able to tell from my previous posts. Believe it or not, I think this is my first white piece!

This is the whole thing. I love the top, but it is quite ginormous. Seriously. Not sure what I'll do with the top now? Any ideas?

{Hi Stella}

So just to recap:
1. No prep...just like everyone says.
2. Easy to apply.
3. Used 1/4 of my can.
4. Distressing + before waxing = Lots of DuSt!
5. I love Miss Mustard Seed Wax.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Unfinished End Table

This little lady has caught my eye. I'm not one to use yellow... it's just not in my eye of color. But, I am loving her. I feel like there is a burst of sun in my kitchen right now.
Here she is before.

I used TSP to wipe her down good, and remove the oils that may have built up over the years. I chose not to sand this piece. I find once I add the bonding agent to the Milk Paint, it adhere's well. I used my Homestead House Milk Paint in Orchre. It's not quite a bright yellow--- more of a soft yellow. Homestead House is the maker of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, and they have a rainbow of colors beyond MMS.

So, that's how easy it was to paint.
1. Clean
2. Paint




The lady I'm Painting this for, would like white drawers. I will update the post tomorrow [with the white]. Is it just me, or does anyone else get excited to share a new piece. I am willing to take a picture in poor lighting and unfinished, because I can not wait till tomorrow. Jeeze... one day I will be granted with patience, just not tonight.

Here's another beautiful mountain picture from our ski trip to Jasper on the weekend.