Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back on

Hello...I'd like to start by apologizing to my followers. I have not been very committed to this blog. I discovered this spring, that I don't like to paint in summer. Not even a smidge. Second, I give credit to the people that post every day! {not me} I won't give you any excuses, but commit to posting my furniture upcycles until summer.

I don't have a before for this one. I love the curves and handles. This was my fav dresser thus far.

I found this sofa table. Pretty bland, and I wasn't sure on what to do with it.

Voila! Kind of a beachy color? The lady that picked it up, was using it for a photo shoot, my table will be shown off in many homes.

Here's another one, with no before. I am lovin the teal and rich wood tone. 

Here's one more night stand, I LOVE the tone in the picture.


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