Monday, June 8, 2015

My Industrial Decor Planter Make-Over

Hello. Hope you had a great weekend with loved ones. We drove down to meet the hubby for a weekend at the cabin. Living apart has been tough on everyone, especially the kids. But, we seem to make the most of our 2 days with him. I am literally counting the days till the end of June, when we move. Hurry up June! One thing we have decided on for our new home, is the decor. We both are drawn to the industrial look. Rustic wood finishes mixed with metals. Throw in a few mid century pieces of furniture and call it a day. So, I've set to creating some decor. I posted earlier my 6-easy-industrial-decor-diy-ideas, which I will be starting soon. Since I went and bought some more succulents this week {btw-I am obsessed with succulents), at the best greenhouse eva! I needed a new planter. 

It actually isn't that bad of a before item. $2 at the community thrift store. Score! I used Rustoleum Mat Black spray paint. 

First coat. Key to using spray paint, a couple thin coats are better than one thick running/dripping coat.

Turned out perfect, and I had the paint left over from another project. So, cheap to make too!

Blue Echeveria

I did some quick research when I was at the greenhouse for pet friendly succulents. Selection was small, but I really like this gem. Thanks for stopping by.

Party Time!!


  1. HinTabatha, I love the planter you painted black and it looks so nice with succulent plant!

  2. The color of the succulent next to the black pot is just divine!! Love it.

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