Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Can I really do this?

I'm super excited to share my next few projects with you guys. They're a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm trying new stuff here. I've typically stuck to my vintage 60s-80s pieces like these

Which are totally nice, but I feel like I'm in a painting rut. I find myself searching for the same things and painting the same colors all the time. One of THE biggest decisions that I have made recently, is to make a go of my furniture painting. I've always had the cushion of my regular job, and painting was my side girl. Now, as of Friday, I am unemployed in the corporate world, until we move. I feel like this is my chance to make my furniture a go. To show myself that I can do this. I have no more excuses.

I'm sure many of you have felt this before, it's that cliff we have all stood on. Can I do this? Can I support my family with this income. I really am a realist about this, I know this will not be a get rich quick job. I paint because I love to. That's it. But can my love keep me a float?

I also want the freedom to volunteer at my kids schools or go on field trips. My oldest will be going into grade eight next year, and I want to be able to help her with her hair in the morning. Is it too much to ask. I see many fellow bloggers, making a living doing what they love. I think I can too?

Alright, enough self talk. Time to set some goals. 

1. I will paint 3-4 pieces of furniture a week.
2. I will hit garage sales for good deals on Thursdays and Fridays.
3. Blog regularly.
4. Go to the gym 4 days a week. (This one is for me only)

The end. 

Sounds simple to me. Weekends are off limits, as this is our only family time with my hubby. Right now he lives 5 hours away Mon-Fri and comes home for the weekend. In between keeping my house show home ready and the kids, this should be easy...said no mom ever. 

I'll keep you guys posted on progress. I have 3 amazing items to pick up tomorrow. Can't wait to start on them Monday. First day of being my own boss.

Thanks for listening.


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