Thursday, April 30, 2015

3 Beautiful Belle's

Do you ever wonder how a day could turn out so perfectly? Where all the deals line up on Kijiji. Pick-up goes smoothly. The furniture is exactly what you were looking for.

That was my day today. Meet my 3 Beautiful Belle's.

This first one, I found yesterday on Kijiji. Great thing was, it was located 2 blocks from my work. I brought my friend from work and took a stroll over to check it out on break. Turns out this beautiful belle was being used as a prop in a high end clothing store at the mall. She was in great shape and sturdy. The store was located on the second floor, so we had to locate the elevator and the closest parking. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

This next one, I also found on Kijiji. Upon a few email banters with the seller, I remembered buying furniture from her last year. She sells items for people online. Usually has a ton of goodies, and always willing to barter.

I scoped out her other adds and found this next gal.Perfect? It sure was. 

I arranged all pick ups for today. My other friend and I grabbed my car after work, parked strategically, ran up to the second floor, placed on dolly and were back in my car in under 10 minutes. Nice work. Dresser one was on route to my house.

I really should take videos of me unloading my furniture single handed and up my front steps. My neighbors must grab their coffee and laugh in their front windows. " Honey here's Tabatha trying to get another dresser in her house. Come watch!"

Anyways, after school and haircuts for the kidlets, I ventured back to the city for the next 2. Both fit  in the back {thank goodness for my Traverse} and we were back on route to my house.

Today was my day. This weekend I have colors to pick and hardware to order. Wish me luck and stay posted for the reveals next week.

Thanks for listening and have a fab weekend!

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  1. How fantastic! I had to look up Kijiji, wondering how I can access such treasures. Ah, but I live in Florida. Congratulations -- great job. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey


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