Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hi Jack

I am Canadian....does that make me part British? The queen is on my coins. I love following Princess Kate and the new baby. That must make me part British?

I picked up this totally cute desk a week ago. Rolled it into my dining room, and it received quite a bit of attention. He was used as a store counter, school desk, lego holder, and would have been many more....except I decided to paint it, before it never left. 
I knew I wanted to do a Union Jack flag, and wanted a nice simple canvas to practice on.

I wanted neutral colors and not gender specific. There were a ton of grey and blacks. {perfect} I'm a close enough girl, so this project may not have been meant for me. 

Here's the first picture.

I taped off the two criss-cross lines, you can see where the tape was. I filled in the gaps by hand.

Next were the diagonal lines. I brought hubby in for this, my good enough wasn't...well good enough. Although I'm not sure his was either.

You can see how the inner corners of the black lines, are not symmetrical. For this girl, that's as close as it gets! Next I sanded the entire piece, with a little extra to the top. Finishing it off with Annie Sloan Soft Clear wax. I did use the dark wax for the second coat, but felt it was too dark. I used another coat of clear, to buff out the dark wax. 

Nicely distressed. I feel like it softens the lines.


Now don't get me wrong... there are a ton of tutorials out there, that are precision at its best. That is not what I wanted, nor did I intend to offend anyone. 

In all seriousness, is it noticeable?

Thanks & take care.


  1. This is super cute, I love it! Now I am going to go around my house looking for something to do this to!

  2. Thanks Heather. I say start on a small flat surface. My next will be a dresser. Best of luck!

  3. They always come out a bit off like that when you tape them. No one will notice. Looks cute!

    1. Thanks Maureen, small learning curve on taping.

  4. The table turned out great! I never even noticed anything was off, and had to hunt to find out what you meant. Love it! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah

  5. Love, love, love it. I have a furniture redo I need to get on. Just been waiting for nicer weather. Thanks so much for sharing on Worthwhile Wednesdays!
    ~Allie @

    1. I feel the same way about the weather. Thanks Allie.xo

  6. I <3 all things British and your table! I have a couple school desks that I could try this with:) Pinning!

  7. I didn't notice until I read that it was there and then I had to look for it. I think it turned out wonderfully!

  8. I love love love this furniture makeover! When my husband and I were in England last year, we saw a piece similar to yours (but not as cool) at IKEA over there. If I could've found a way to ship it home to the US I would've. But now that I've seen yours here, I think I could definitely just make my own. Great post! Pinning for sure. I also wanted to say thanks for linking up last week to our Lovely Ladies link party, and to let you know that I've included this in my features this week if you'd like to stop by and check it out :)
    -Molly from Just a Little Creativity


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