Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I {heart} dark wood

After years of moving, I have finally decided to make my home, MY home. I've always avoided decorating. I would even go as far to say, "I don't have an eye for decor". It does NOT come natural for me. Sometimes I search Pinterest for hours, just for a little inspiration. I admire the colors people pick to do their pieces. I always did they know those two colors would look so well together? {maybe they used Pinterest too}

SO I bought a curio last week. It was a good price at my local thrift store. I manned the piece into the truck, tied it down with bungees, watched it in the rear view mirror on my way home, and unloaded it into my front entrance. Knowing that when my hubby came home he would take a double look and shake his head. You see, I have a collection of unpainted things in our basement. Instead of working on an item I already own, I go and buy more. I think I enjoy the thrill of finding a good deal. Or am I afraid of missing that one unique item? Regardless. I have one more piece of furniture now.

What to do with it? I've been creeping on a ton of blogs lately, trying to narrow down the look I want for my house. I like rustic, industrial, chic, crisp and dark wood. Sunday when I came back from grocery shopping, I found it tucked in a corner by our entrance. It fit perfect in the corner! Hubby claimed it for our house. Yay!! {good thinking}

This is what I have found for my inspiration from missmustardseed

I'm thinking, the dark wood color for the shelves and inside. Then Ironstone for the rest. I {heart} 2 tone pieces, especially when one is wood color.

I have started tonight, and will post the finished product soon.

Take care.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Tabatha! Good luck with the cabinet -- it's a find!

  2. I love dark rich wood too! Cannot wait to see the finished cabinet!


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