Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Decor for Under $50

Hello. What a great day. I love scoring major deals. I stopped by Target today to take a look at their Decor, and I hit the jackpot (good $ for Canadian stores). I live on the outside out Edmonton, and the closest Target is quite picked over. All the time :( Yesterday I was doing a practicum visit with one of my students, and swung through the local one. It's a very nice suburb, and the store looked great. Visual is everything for me. I'm not one to sort through tables, but I think mostly because I'm always in a hurry. I started out with one item, then two. Next I was balancing the third. Now my arm was getting tired from one, and I just spotted four. I strategically placed down the items in an empty isle and went to steal a cart. As I was turning the corner with my cart, a very hard working sales associate was starting to balance my items to carry them away. Ha Ha. Good thing they were awkward, I swooped in and asked him to place them all in my cart. Voila.

1. Basket Jute- Reg $19.99 SALE $9.79

2. Marquis Scroll Doormat- Reg $19.99 SALE $7.49

3. Beaver Cane Tray- Reg $19.99 SALE $9.79

4. The Log Bin- Reg $39.99 SALE $19.99

Grand total of $49.41. That is a total of $50.55 in SAVINGS!!

I may have to trek out to that Target more often. Thanks for stopping by and take care.

Party Time!!

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  1. Great finds at great prices!!!!

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup


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