Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration #6

Hello. It's Thursday, it's almost the weekend {in my cracked singing voice}. I love my job, but I live to sleep in on the weekend. I have quite a few projects I want to tackle this weekend and wrap up. I've kinda took over my husbands Man Cave Garage, and facing eviction again. That means time to work these painting hands and get some projects moving. 

My second goal this weekend is to do some marathon Pinning. My GF at work is beating me by 800, and she doesn't even try. Granted she Pins mostly food and crafts, and I have a much narrower window for my taste. So while she is in Hawaii for 2 weeks, I want to surprise her and catch up!! LOL. Keeping in mind that I still want wholesome Pins. My work is laid out. If I Pin while paint dries and every other moment I have, I just might pass her!

Here are my favorite Pins this week! Some reflect upcoming projects.

1. How easy would this be to make from plant holders. A little paint and patina?

2. You must check out this post by saved by love creations. I have a few yardsticks in the garage. I'm thinking the lamp shade first. Which one would you try?

3. I wish I could find one of these for my front sitting room.

4. I would really like to make this mug for work! I'm always trotting around with a coffee in the morning. Way too cute. 

5. My new drink for Spring. I'll let you know how it tastes. Doesn't that look like a treat for you mouth.

Lastly, how I want my spring wardrobe to look! Totally fab for warm weather.

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  1. I did a marathon of pinning today so, I am good for awhile (at least until tomorrow!) LOL. Oh wait! I just fibbed! I HAVE to pin that coconut martini! :-)


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