Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Nightstand

Hello, I was able to start on my nightstand sooner than possible. My youngest came down with the flu today. Little people just shouldn't be that sick. I think throwing up should be reserved as punishment when you drink too much only! Well so here was the original picture.
I loved the detail, the moment our eyes met. I should start with a disclaimer-this is my first nightstand. Yup, I'm a virgin nightstand painter. So, by no means is my advice sound, but it works for me <i think>. So I started by giving her a light sanding, luckily there was nothing major. This piece is covered in some sort of veneer, so I also decided to spray with KILZ. I've read that that will allow the paint to attach to the smooth surface better.
Isn't she a beauty? Not quite yet. I did another light sand, just a few blobs. I wiped her down, and set to work with the paint. I chose BEHR-Caribe, from Home Depot. Grabbed a sample size, which would probably do 2-3 of this sized project. Than I distressed a bit and set to glazing. For this I chose Ralph Lauren-Tobacco Glaze. I love the color, but they don't sell Ralphs line in Canada anymore. I had it shipped from The shipping was a little more than expected, I think $35 for 2 cans. In any case, if you know where I can order this in Canada or for a good price, let me know.
I've included a picture with the glaze on and after I wiped.

I love the look. I set to work on the rest of the nightstand, but chose to not wipe. Should have wiped, but was too late. Overall, I'm happy with the results, would wipe next time.

And a cute picture using my handy dandy Instagram app.

Beautiful! Until next time.


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