Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Do as I preach

Yay! 13 views. The hardest part about starting a blog, is BLOGGING. As I scour through others posts, I search for ones that update weekly. I vowed to myself," if I were to blog, I would have regular postings". I dislike waiting and wondering if I missed the email, to find that there has not been a post for a month. Now it's easy to stand on my soap box.........we'll discuss this again at a later date.

SO, next project is this battered night stand.

Boy that picture looks awful, I will be looking into editing software ASAP. Anywho, this is the canvas.

And here is the vision...

My inspiration came from a talented lady from, check out her site. SO, wish me good luck and I will post the pic on Thurs*fingers crossed*. I'm just getting my feet wet in trash to treasure adventures. I hope you join me on my journey.


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