Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Off

Bad news...I didn't paint any furniture this weekend. Good news, I put in some quality family time. Friday, my daughter was in a gymnastics festival. Then after we headed out to the mountains. Our destination, Lake Louise. We had a tone of fun and sore legs by the end of the day.
Here's our first chair ride up after lunch....up into the clouds. The two in front, are my husband and youngest daughter.
This was to the side, while we were going up. If you haven't been to the Canadian Rockies, you should really make a trip.

Lastly... my oldest daughter, lovin the fresh powder we tracked up all day!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful scenery! I was working this weekend but I *finally* managed to start paint a piece of furniture! I am painting my sewing cart baby pink :)

  2. How cute. You will have to post a picture of your sewing cart, when its done!


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