Sunday, May 10, 2015

To All Mother's With Love

Happy Mother's Day to you! Being a mom isn't always easy or rewarding, but it is gratifying as you see your children grow. I have 2 daughters that are each unique in their own way. My youngest has spent countless hours preparing for this day. She even asked for a cake to be bought. Lol.

I am lucky enough to be blessed with 2 wonderful mom's. One, which I was born from and I love with all my heart. Everyday I see more and more of her in me. In how I talk to others, my gestures and even how I parent my girls. My other mom came into my life through my husband. She has been there for me and excepted me into their family whole heartedly since day one.

This was my Mother's Day gift to her (Mom-in-law).

Note: My in-law family are exclusive Pepsi drinkers. 

We have been in search for an antique Pepsi crate forever, but they're really hard to find here. The ones we find are always pricey, and we end up leaving behind. So, I thought the easiest would be to make her one. I went with the retro design, and printed it off with my printer.

We bought our crate from Michaels.

I traced my design on the crate with carbon paper. If you don't have any, I grabbed mine at Staple's.

I used Crafter's Acrylic Paint in Peacock Blue, I bought mine at Dollarama. 

Very Pepsi colorish.
Next I filled in my lines. Check out this cool video I made with my daughters phone. I love time lapse. One great thing about the acrylic paint, it is washable. You can see part way through the video, I wipe away a boo boo.

Disclaimer: This was my first time tracing and painting any design. It was way easier than I thought it would be. I think it took about 15 minutes to fill in with paint. Not bad. Not sure if I would want to do a large sign with multiple words using this method. But it worked for this. I also used the craft paint on a Mason Jar, to go in the crate. Perfectly matching.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, shared with people you love!

Thanks for stopping in.

Party time!



  1. You did great! I like how it turned out. I love soda crates also, but agree they can be pricey.

    Shannon from Bohemian Junktion

  2. Great idea! I'm sure she loved it - Saw it on Inspire Me Tuesday.

  3. Great idea! I am using the same crates for a party in June and want to add some writing on them...this is the perfect idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Wonderful job. It turned out great. Thanks for the tutorial

  5. How fun! I have an old crate that has some Chiquita banana advertising on it and I've been on the hunt for some crates of other sizes to pair with it. I think this would be perfect!

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