Thursday, May 21, 2015

All Arrows Point In The Right Direction

Wowza, is it Thursday already? I have been working on this piece since Tuesday. I'm so excited to share this with you.

I love the end result. Thanks for the inspiration ferpie and fray. You have to check this gal out, her work is amazing!

This is what I started out with.

Not too bad. The veneer was badly damaged, and silly me peeled some off. Well once you start, you have to commit. How hard could this be? Very!!! I tried prying the veneer off, but it was glued on tight. So I went to my find all (google), and searched the zillion ways. Seriously, there are so many ways to remove veneer. Next I tried a wet towel on top for 3 hours. No beans. Back to my search results. Next was wet towel and iron. So what I did was: 

1. Lay wet towel down on top of drawer. 

2. Soak towel more. I had a handy water bottle with me. Probably filled it 2x.

3. Place iron on area and let sit for 30 seconds. 

4. Use putty knife to pry back and peel off. I did about 2 inch strips at a time.

And 1.5 hours later, one drawer complete. Totally not kidding.

The next drawer had a few more stubborn spots, and was a bit more damaged. I sanded both drawers down after and putty filled all scrapes and gauges. Gave one more sanding, then on to paper. I ordered herringbone arrows in blue green, by @emilysanford from Spoonflower. Love her water color designs. (I'll do a how-to soon, for applying paper)

Like my home made deer head sign? Check out my sign post here.

I really capture the green of @MissMustardSeeds Kitchen Scale paint. I love the way it chipped off in all the right places.

Hope you enjoyed this piece! Thanks for stopping in.

Party Time!



  1. Very Nice! Love the boldness of the dresser and your hoard work paid off! I hate taking old veneer off but some times it has to be done.

    1. Thanks DD. The sad thing is, I could have just papered over it :(

  2. Great choice of both color and paper. Love the transformation. Brave woman - stripping off the veneer - oh, my!

  3. I love the arrow design! Thanks for linking up at The Handmade Hangout!


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